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Nanaimo Reservoir No.1 and Energy Recovery Facility

A 14-Million-Litre Reservoir & Hydro-Electric Power Facility

This new concrete reservoir and energy recovery facility houses a 14-million-litre reservoir and includes an energy recovery facility that generates hydro-electric power, reducing the city’s carbon footprint. This circular reservoir includes 30-foot-high concrete walls approximately two feet thick with a domed concrete roof. All of the concrete work was completed using our own forces. 

The energy recovery facility uses the existing water pressure to move turbines, which in turn generate electricity. This excess water pressure would have had to be reduced to avoid damaging the reservoir when it fills, but our method added a negligible extra cost and will produce electricity it can put back into the grid for the duration of its lifecycle.

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Nanaimo, BC

Interior shot of the Nanaimo Reservoir No. 1 and Energy Recovery Facility